This blog was created by Angelika Boeck, a visual artist who lived in Bario (Sarawak / Malaysia) between 2010 and 2016, as part of her off-site involvement in Cambridge Sustainability Residency. In the beginning, it served Angelika as a communication tool with other members of the Artist Residency, who were in Cambridge and elsewhere, since at the time there was only limited internet connection in Bario. The Blog’s content focuses on issues of sustainability and subsistence in Central Borneo and is owed to Angelika’s collaboration with Wilson Bala, a Kelabit, who shared his knowledge of the jungle. Since 2015, the blog, which basically documents Angelika’s and Wilson’s daily life in the Kelabit Highlands, was continued as a step-by-step guide to making these practices accessible, especially to the younger and city dwelling generation of Kelabit (the Kelabit constitute one of the smallest indigenous groups in Sarawak). In addition, the blog serves Wilson as an expertise as a teacher of these practices.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE © 2015 Angelika Boeck (member of VG Bildkunst).


Prohibited uses

Photographs and videos may not be used in connection with the promotion of any commercial product or in “for sale” Web sites, and no exceptions will be granted for such uses. In addition, they may not be used and distributed in software, photo sets, or other electronic media, or in any printed publication without written consent.

Contact: kontakt[at]angelika-boeck.com

Website: http://www.angelika-boeck.de/en  (English)   http://www.angelika-boeck.de  (German)




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